Dive Courses From El Salvador Divers are in Two Categories

see full list in chart below

Standard PADI Courses

Entry level course where you learn to dive safely. Certification allows diving at any other PADI dive centre worldwide.

Continued education in diving. Complete any 3 dives from the ‘Adventures in Diving’ programme.

Complete 5 Adventure Dives which must include a Deep Dive as well as an Underwater Navigation dive.

Once an Adventure Diver with an Underwater navigation dive, you can continue your dive education by becoming a Rescue Diver and be trained to assist any other diver in trouble. (Course includes EFR training if necessary.)

Become a PADI professional. Learn about the dive business and all the skills to assist with courses. 

Speciality PADI Courses

Learn about the affects that diving at altitude has on your actual depth vs Theoretical depth and the shortened no stop time.

Learn to dive to a depth of 40m safely.

Discover the vast array of marine life and recognize what you are seeing.

Discover the beauty of marine life at night and how to keep in touch with your buddy in the dark.

Extend your no stop dive time and shorten your surface interval by diving wit Enriched air with up to 40% Oxygen.

Hone your buoyancy skills to become a better diver.

Become a safe, solo diver.

Map, measure and generally know where you are going underwater.

Learn the best way to take photographs of all the great things you see underwater.

Train to safely penetrate a wreck.

Non-Diving Courses Offered by El Salvador Divers

  • Emergency First Response
    • Primary Care – CPR, with optional Emergency O2 Provider
    • Secondary Care – First Aid
  • Emergency Oxygen Provider